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What is Home Staging? All the tips to enhance your home

We hear more and more often about Home Staging: but what is it ? The time has come to clarify things a little and to understand what advantages their use can bring when you want to sell your home .

Home staging is in fact a very widespread property promotion technique in the United States, which for some years has also begun to take hold in Italy: it consists in setting up the rooms of a house with furniture and furnishing accessories to make it more attractive to potential buyers. This takes place according to methods that take into consideration some elements that influence the possibility of selling the property in question: the area in which it is located, the type of property and consequently the target to which you want to address, culture and customs locals

The advantages of home staging in the sale of a property

Why is it useful to invest in setting up a house before putting it up for sale? With home staging it is possible to sell properties faster , because they are valued more easily at higher prices . In fact, a well furnished house with all the elements arranged in a harmonious way not only arouses positive emotions in the potential buyer, but also helps him to realize what the spaces available in that property actually are and all their potential.

The home staging technique is absolutely recommended when you intend to sell a new or recently renovated home . In these cases it is in fact assumed that the house is completely empty, a condition that complicates the evaluation of the environment by the visitor interested in the property, since it will be more difficult to imagine it furnished. However, home staging is also highly recommended in cases where the property you intend to put on sale is already inhabited and therefore furnished: in fact, this technique helps to make the property more desirable in the eyes of as many buyers as possible, usually eliminating all the furniture and objects that make it too personalized .

This promotion technique, much appreciated in Anglo-Saxon countries, is spreading more and more in Italy as well, with professionals offering their skills to help those wishing to sell a property to set it up in the best possible way before presenting it to potential buyers.