Review Of Business

Business is one type of organization where we get profits and loses .Business is one type of enterprising, where we can get many projects. Business helps us a lot by getting the sponsorships and can make us more powerful and also it’s shows us that we are individual.

Advantages of Business:

  • It gives us self satisfaction Business makes us to be an independent. In our company we will be the head of the company. And we can decide anything what we want.
  • We have right to do anything, because we have the freedom and liberty to do.
  • If we are the owner of our company we can rule the people, and our lifestyle will be changed.
  • Everyone will give respect to us and we can make our family proud by doing business.
  • And also financial support will be there. And also we can learn may things to do.
  • It creates many opportunities to obtain bunch of knowledge.
  • There are different types to do business. To form a company we should twice or thrice. Because it is not a simple matter to run a company.


Types of Business:

  • Small company
  • Large company
  • single proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited Liability partnership
  • Small company: In business we can keep small company. For example, in small villages there will be small number of people. And, if we keep big company they think that, the products rate will be more expensive and many people may not show much interest to come and buy the products.
  • Large company: We can keep large companies in large area, because in large areas people may buy many products .And we may get more profits to run a company in large area .we can keep some employees in large companies to run the company easily.
  • Single proprietorship: In business, single proprietorship means doing business by a single person. And in this business he can only enjoy the profits only when the company is run by a single person. The owner may choose this role i.e. single proprietorship because he may get the chance to rule the company by single hand, and can make any decisions.
  • Partnership: In this type of business, it takes more than one people to run the company. Because, in this type, the business people may think that in less time they can make the company much better. And can increase the profits of the company. In less time they can get the good name for the company.
  • Limited Liability Partnership: This limited liability partnership is same as partnership. But in this all members who are participating in the role of running a business takes the responsibility of the company. It is somewhat different from other business because, it takes only some time to get profits, and people can help to each other.